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Gas Face | Private Reserve, a premium cannabis strain that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and blissful. This potent indica-dominant hybrid boasts a pungent aroma with notes of gas, pine, and earthy undertones, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a strong and flavorful smoking experience. With a high THC content, Gas Face | Private Reserve is perfect for users looking for a powerful and long-lasting high that will alleviate stress and tension. This top-shelf strain is carefully cultivated and hand-selected to ensure maximum quality and potency. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or simply enjoy some downtime, Gas Face | Private Reserve is the perfect choice for cannabis connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life.


All purchase of art comes with an optional gift.

Gas Face | Private Reserve

  • Collectable Art Print Size

    3" x 5" Print - Optional Free 1/4
    5" x 7" Print - Optional Free 1/2
    8" x 10" Print - Optional Free Oz

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