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Introducing the Magnolia Pharms J.F.P. Designer Flower, a premium cannabis strain that brings together the best of both worlds - potent effects and a delightful aroma. The J.F.P. strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a complex blend of genetics, resulting in a well-balanced high perfect for both medicinal and recreational use. With its earthy and floral scent, this strain is known for its stress-relieving and relaxation-inducing properties, making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day. Whether you're looking to alleviate pain, relieve insomnia, or simply want to elevate your mood, the Magnolia Pharms J.F.P. Designer Flower will not disappoint with its high-quality, designer-grade buds. Shop now and experience the blissful effects of this top-tier cannabis strain.


All purchase of art comes with an optional gift.

Magnolia Pharms J.F.P. | Designer Flower

  • Collectable Art Print Size

    3" x 5" Print - Optional Free 1/4
    5" x 7" Print - Optional Free 1/2
    8" x 10" Print - Optional Free Oz

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