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Same Day Delivery  |  Opened Mon-Fri 11am-8pm Sat 1pm-7pm Sun 12pm-5pm  |  240-528-8128 
$20 Delivery fee within 10 mile radius from Navy Yard. Surcharge($2 per mile after 10 miles)

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S  I  D  E




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Magnolia Pharms established its roots in D.C with designer and exotic flowers.  Now bringing new genetics to commercial and local growers.   Magnolia Seed Co.  main mission is cross breeding rare strains and finding the best genetics for all growers.

Genetics / Breeding


Magnolia Seed Co. aim to provide only the best genetics and cater to all level of growers. All  seeds are hand-picked from organic plants and tested for genetic purity. Seeds are tested each batch to ensure industry-leading germination success. 

Weed Delivery Washington DC


Everybody enjoys weed in Washington DC. You find pot shops all over, all doing brisk and busy trade. Delivery is popular. People search “cannabis delivery DC” from their sofas, ordering buds like pizza. However, not all marijuana delivery DC offers is of any value. Some buds are terrible. Quality can be very, very poor, and honestly, nobody wants it. You want the best. But, you want it to be affordable.


Most Reliable Cannabis Delivery Washington DC Has


Moreover, you want real service. Exceptional care for customers. At The Stoop, you find this and more. You find the very best of it. People have no reason anymore to shop elsewhere for bud, since ours make them fall in love anew. Here, you find friends. You find experiences. You find community. Most importantly, you find fine weed. Buds like no other. The envy of friends and loved ones.


More Choices Available


You will not find better weed in Washington DC. Nor more of it either. We offer a menu so large you will never need another. Our collaboration with all the best suppliers makes it possible for us to offer a bigger menu than most, and it includes all you could ever want. Buds to bongs, as they say.


Best Prices Around


This same collaboration with credible suppliers allows us to offer their products at exceptional prices. Many are introducing new products, promoting them with all manner of bargains. Expect discounts, coupons, bulk savings, and other opportunities to save money. You get the very best for much less. 


Licensed, Legal, and Compliant


At The Stoop, we care about our license. Keeping it matters. This means complying with all state laws and regulations governing the sale of cannabis. For you, this license holds us accountable for what you get. It gives you recourse for action. This is not true of so many other delivery services.

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Faster Than Fast

When it comes to delivering cannabis in Washington D.C., The Stoop is fastest. Faster even than you. Our scooters allow our drivers to navigate quickly through even the worst traffic, no matter the time of day. If you live locally, expect your order to arrive well within the hour. Typically, 45 minutes. Less.

Safety Matters

Discretion too. Your safety is our utmost concern. We will never compromise you. Not your safety. Not your secrets. Our drivers use unmarked vehicles. Our packaging is very plain. Nobody will ever know who is delivering what. Not unless you tell them. We are quiet. Discreet. Nondescript.

Independent Laboratory Testing

As required by law, you only find tested products at The Stoop. Those sent to a third-party laboratory, completely independent, for quality tests. This gives you peace of mind, as it guarantees quality. These results display proudly on product labels, giving you crucial data for informed decision making.

Fully Trained Employees


To ensure access to the latest cannabis information, to the newest trends and products, to the most recent scientific developments, we send our staff for training. Regularly. This makes experts of them. Trusted. Credible. Intelligent. If you have any questions or need any advice, just ask away.


Trendy and On Point


Part of creating exceptional customer service means providing you with all you need to participate in the latest trends. To try the latest products. We keep ourselves apprised of all that is happening in the cannabis community. We also use the latest technologies, and this is why we are the best.


Best Weed Delivery Washington DC Knows


Weed in Washington DC is not slowing in popularity. In fact, more and more people are searching “weed delivery DC” online. However, not all delivery services are trustworthy. If you want premium marijuana, of exceptionally high grade and suitable for medical use, then do your homework first. Remember, the law holds licensed stores accountable. For you, this means quality. Service too.

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