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4 Tips to Balance Cannabis with Work Life

The best anybody can do is love the job they have, but with weed in Washington DC legal now, one can certainly make it better. These days, dreams jobs are elusive. Instead, most spend life in meetings, doing inane tasks. Making money for others. Offices are stuffy. Cramped with humanity’s finest. Warehouses are worse. Claustrophobic. Nauseating. Fortunately, there is marijuana delivery.

However, balance is crucial. While a sneak puff might well make fun of a boring work life, make it less stressful, certainly, moderation is key. Strain too. Some strains are sleepy when energy is necessary. For work, busy strains are better. Job matters too. One should not operate heavy machinery stoned. Neither should one operate on patients. One could serve patrons. Do office work. Get creative.

Marijuana at the Workplace

While it is true that cannabis is legal in Washington D.C., employers can decide on their own to allow its use or not. Every business has the right to draft its own weed policies. Many opt for a drug-free workplace, which is necessary anyway in those industries that need your wits about you. As the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains well, your boss can still fire you. Know your workplace rules.

If your boss allows you to use cannabis on the job, or if you own your own business, then there are many good reasons to do so. However, there are some facts to know. Strains differ greatly. Not all are suitable for work. Some might knock you out. Not all consumption methods are good at work either. For example, others may not like smoke. Keep your wits about you. And keep these tips in mind:

The One-Hit Wonder

Consider one-hitters. A one-hit pipe is just what you need for a quick session outside. It is discreet too. Bigger pipes and joints make a lot of smoke. Noticeably so. Vape pens are best, since they make no smoke at all, but if there is smoke, then make it a one-hitter. Too much smoke is a fast and certain way to attract attention. This you likely do not want. One-hitters put smoke in your lungs. Not the air.

What is more, since one-hitters have only a very small chamber, big enough for one hit only, they play an important role in rationing. They help you smoke less. They help ration your weed. Ration your high. Keep you productive at work and not overly stoned. Or worse, catatonic. Instead, they take the edge off a stressful day and keep you happily going about your workday.

Air It Out

Cannabis smells. Recognizably so. Even if your nose is unused to it, you will know what it is. Ideally, you should always use weed outside and not inside your workspace. Hotboxing in your car is ill-advised too. Unless nobody minds your wafting cannabis smells behind you, consider airing yourself out. After using weed, give yourself and your clothes some air. Others will smell it on you otherwise.

Weed smoke is clingy. It lingers on clothes, sticks to hair. Even just handling sticky buds can leave you smelling obvious. Throw your roach away. Clean your pipe. Wash your hands. Your face too. While many advise masking the smell with deodorant, experts do not. Firstly, it draws suspicion. Secondly, it does not hide the smell much at all. Honestly, it only makes you smell worse.

Prepare Early

Balancing work and cannabis life easily requires some planning. Some thoughtful preparation. Purchase a stoner kit. This is an investment. Keep it nearby. Whatever makes you feel better, less conspicuous, should go in there. Think mints, hairsprays, spritzers, eye drops. Remember, you do not want to end up making yourself obvious. Go easy with the sprays. And lock this kit safely away.

Choose Strains Wisely

Uplifting strains are essential when using cannabis for working purposes. Some strains will put you to sleep. Others even tranquilize. As you can imagine, this is not very productive. While Sativas are generally more energetic than Indicas typically are, there are some other factors to consider too, like terpenes. These compounds also have effects. Significant ones too.

Since you do not want to lose an arm to a power tool, or pass out mid-meeting, choosing the right strain is extremely important. Cerebral strains are less physically exhausting. They can help you focus, gain energy, feel motivated, and get the job done. For this reason, you should check the effects carefully. Further, you should try strains out at home before taking them along with you to work.

Fortunately, there are thousands of strains you can play with. There are different products altogether too, like tinctures, oils, and edibles. However, if you cannot handle cannabis on the job, use it at home instead. One-hitters are available for cannabis delivery across the city, as well as many strains and products ideal for creating a productive working environment.

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